1. The RSS feed for Scouting Los Angeles is misconfigured somehow:
    “HTTP Error Code: 404
    Detail: Invalid path: /scoutingla”

    Good luck in LA!

  2. Your RSS feed subscribe is broken …. and I am going into withdrawal.

  3. Janice Delaney Stearns

    Well, I’m glad you are still with us!! I’m happy for you in your new venture and of course you should go for it!! Best of everything and we will be anxious to see some interesting locations in LA. Please don’t forsake NYC, though. Maybe you will be back there someday! You are still a youngster, my friend.

  4. Hi Nick,

    First off I just wanted to say I’m sorry to see you leave NYC. I’ve really enjoyed reading your site. In the wake of rising rents and rising condos, it always made New York just a little more magical. Anyway, good luck in LA chasing your dreams! I’m sure you’ll do great things. I was wondering if you had any advice for my girlfriend actually. She’s worked in locations on several films, and is currently working on Rogue One at Pinewood in London. She’s English and really wants to work in film in NYC. Do you have any advice I can forward to her?

    Thanks ahead of time, and good luck with everything,


  5. Nick – I’m looking at the RSS feed so I can subscribe, but it seems to be an invalid feed right now.

  6. Hey Nick, congrats on Scouting LA. I run an RSS news reader called NewsBlur and would love to feature Scouting LA for the month of October. But your feed doesn’t work!

    As soon as it does I’ll put it up on the dashboard of every user.


  7. Nick,

    I’m really looking forward to Scouting LA, but the ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed’ link in your sidebar isn’t showing a feed when I put it in to my RSS service (Feedbin). Any chance this might be a wrong link, or not yet validating for any reason?


    – Kyle

  8. Hi Nick

    I’ve followed your NYC blog and loved every post. I’m not wealthy but I did donate some money to your movie fund. I’m really hoping you go well in LA and I’m looking forward to following your LA blog. When I can I’ll donate more for your movie.

    Townsville, QLD

    p.s yes I really live Townsville but I’ve never seen any powerpuff girls here.

  9. Nick, I will miss your site and all of your input. I grew up in NYC, (now live in Seattle WA) and found your work a great way to remember many things about where I came from. Enjoy your new career, be happy and live the adventure! I am not able to send funds for your movie, so I will pray it all goes well for you.

  10. Loved the NY site, looking forward to your adventures in LA.
    I have something that is food for thought. Have you ever watched a Laurel & Hardy, Keystone Cops etc. type movie from the 20s or 30s and seen a car chase or a scene where a car falls apart. I have always been fascinated about those locations. One that sticks in my mind is a road at the bottom of a hill and there is a white fence in the background. Can’t name any movie in particular.
    Also, like the NY site, you see how a city has changed, but with LA you would see a relatively new city rather than an established one.

    Good Luck!

  11. Hi there! This is a great resource. I e-mailed you a few days ago about the Camp Wishe location you blogged about back in 2011. I’m interested in it for a Horror comedy I’m shooting next summer and any information you might have on how to contact the owners or the status of the camp or comparable locations would be very helpful.

    Many Thanks!

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