In The Desert, Every Picture Of Your Car Looks Like A Professional Ad

Over the past week, I’ve been having a blast scouting around the Mojave desert. As I was taking pictures the other day, I suddenly realized something: pretty much any picture you take of your car in the desert looks like a professional ad shot. For example…


And now, with just a bit of text…


Pretty decent, right? More Mojave posts coming soon – quite a lot of fascinating and beautiful things to be found in the middle of nowhere…


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  1. Janice Delaney Stearns

    The best part of these photos is your NY license plate! 🙂

  2. There’s a Bookstar in the Point Loma area of San Diego that used to be a movie theatre as well. The Loma Theatre on Rosecrans Place. In my home town of Palo Alto in the SF Bay Area, a classic 1920’s movie theatre called the Varsity became a Borders book store. When Borders went sneakers-up the place closed. I’m not sure what’s in there now, but I believe it operated as an independent book store for a while.

  3. I can do you one better: put on a stylish outfit (pick one that won’t be too hot in the desert heat), pose for pictures (bonus points if you can shoot around rusted piles of junk or abandoned buildings, or if you can borrow a vintage car), and presto: instant high-fashion magazine spread!

    Seriously, I have a friend living out in the desert who has taken a LOT of pictures of me that way, for precisely that reason.