The Weird Stuff

This Road Plays The Theme From The Lone Ranger (Sort Of)

I was grabbing lunch the other day in Lancaster, the nearest sizable town to where I’ve been scouting in the desert, when someone asked me if I’d driven down the road that plays the theme from the Lone Ranger. I wasn’t sure how to respond. On the one hand, it’s a pretty odd question; on the other, this is Southern ... Read More »

A Typical Los Angeles Home With A Minor Dinosaur Infestation

Last week, I was finishing up some house scouting, and found myself on a perfectly nice-looking residential street. As I was walking down the block, something very odd suddenly happened to catch my eye… Up on the roof across the street, was that… Er, yes – it was a dinosaur… And not the only one, in fact! This is 4308 ... Read More »