A Typical Los Angeles Home With A Minor Dinosaur Infestation

Last week, I was finishing up some house scouting, and found myself on a perfectly nice-looking residential street.


As I was walking down the block, something very odd suddenly happened to catch my eye…


Up on the roof across the street, was that…


Er, yes – it was a dinosaur…


And not the only one, in fact!


This is 4308 Gentry Avenue, and it currently has a bit of a dinosaur problem.


In addition to the rooftop raptor, two more iron carnivores are prowling the lawn, each featuring some pretty amazing artistry…


A closer look at the fellow on the left – those teeth look quite vicious:


And on the right…


Someone is finishing their lunch:


Lest anyone think these are Halloween decorations, a quick check on Google Streetview reveals these have been in place since at least 2007, and probably longer. There are quite a number of other fantastical decorations to be found, including this sea serpent…


A hatching dragon…


A weathervane that would make the Khaleesi jealous…


A pair of gargoyles near the door (and a sign reading: Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon)…


And, if you look really closely, yes, those are a pair of dragon heads holding up those lanterns:


Finally, a pretty great iron fence leading to the backyard:


Sadly, no one appeared to be home, so I wasn’t able to get the full story, but a passerby said he thought the owners were ironwork artists, which would obviously make sense. He also suggested I swing by at night for the full effect, which I did…


In the words of a once great theme park owner, they’ve spared no expense.


Of course, now I really want to know what’s hiding in the backyard…


PS – Weirdly, New York City has a dinosaur house too!

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  1. I believe it is a Monster House show house – Season 1 Episode 16

  2. You must be shooting at CBS Radford if you’re scouting that hood.

  3. This will be remembered as THE post which proves you are truly in LaLa Land ;^)